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Do you...

  • have difficulty initiating and staying on task, and sustaining focus?

  • miss details and make careless mistakes in your work?

  • have difficulty listening to or following through on instructions?

  • have difficulty organizing activities, doing tasks in sequence, and keeping belongings in order? 

  • have trouble managing time and meeting deadlines?

  • avoid tasks that require sustained mental effort?

  • often lose things necessary for tasks or activities?

  • forget chores, errands, or appointments?

  • move about constantly, fidget excessively, or feel driven by a motor?

  • feel restless and unable to relax?

  • talk excessively, interrupt, or finish other people's sentences?

  • act without thinking, lack self control, and have difficulty with delaying gratification?


If this list seems familiar to you, you may have ADHD. Recent research has revealed that ADHD is relatively common, but often missed, in adults. However, ADHD can lead to lifelong challenges that leave people feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and demoralized. People with ADHD often wonder why they work so much harder to manage their lives than others seem to; anxiety, depression, and shame often follow.

If you have ADHD, there are effective treatments that can lead to significant improvements in daily functioning and well-being. We offer ADHD assessments, education about the effective use of stimulant medications, and behavioural skills training to help you live confidently with ADHD.

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