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Sexual Health Concerns

Do you...

  • feel dissatisfied with your sex life?

  • wonder why you have little desire for sex?

  • feel pain during sex?

  • feel resentful of your partner when it comes to your sex life?

  • feel guilty when you think about your sexual relationship?

  • struggle with sexual dysfunction, such as erectile problems, and don't know what to do about it?

  • feel broken sexually?

  • struggle with your body image? 

  • wonder if you will ever have a satisfying sex life again?

Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass

Although it may be difficult to talk about, our sexuality is an important part of who we are and how we see ourselves. Sexual difficulties and dysfunctions are extremely common, but largely kept in secret. Most people who struggle with some aspect of their sex lives feel ashamed, alone, and broken. Sexual difficulties often begin after specific events, such as life changes, parenthood, trauma, illness, injury, or relationship distress. They can also result from negative sexual experiences or family messages about sex. The physical, cognitive, emotional, behavioural, and relational aspects of sexuality are inter-related, and can make solving sexual difficulties feel complicated. Not knowing where to start can leave a person or a couple feeling hopeless. 

Talking with a psychologist with sexual health expertise can be an effective way of addressing sexual health concerns.  A psychologist can advise you when to seek a medical assessment and provide you with strategies to effectively implement the treatment prescribed by your physician. You can also develop a clearer understanding of your own sexuality and sexual response, and learn to view sexual encounters in new, more adaptive ways. Mindfulness strategies can also help you to tune into physical sensations and let go of unhelpful thinking. It is possible to feel sexually healthy and whole again.

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