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Do you...

  • feel sad, blue, down in the dumps, or empty most of the time?

  • lack the interest or motivation to do the things you used to enjoy?

  • notice that your weight or appetite has decreased or increased?

  • have trouble sleeping or sleep too much?

  • feel tired or lack energy most of the time?

  • have difficulty concentrating or making decisions?

  • think about or contemplate suicide?

  • have these feelings before or after the birth or adoption of your child? (men or women)

Storm Clouds

If these symptoms resonate with you, you may be experiencing depression. Perhaps this is
the first time you have experienced these symptoms and you feel confused and frightened.   Or, perhaps you have experienced depression several times throughout your life and feel a sense of hopelessness and frustration because these feelings have returned.  Depression can leave you feeling like you're stuck in a dark hole with no way out. 
Whether this is your first experience with depression or you have coped with depression in the past, you can learn strategies to help you interrupt the cycle of thoughts, emotions, and behaviours that tends to initiate and perpetuate depression. You can also learn to relate differently to your experiences so that your suffering is lessened.         
You can find lasting relief from depression.

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